2 Nov

Department of Energy’s Paducah Site Reaches Million-Hour Safety Milestone


The U.S. Department of Energy’s Paducah Site has reached a million hours of safe work toward completing cleanup objectives to reduce environmental risk.

The LATA Environmental Services of Kentucky Team, the Department’s prime contractor, in October reached a milestone of 1 million hours without a lost workday case due to job-related illness or injury. The achievement began in mid-November 2010.

Management and union officials say the accomplishment demonstrates the team’s prevailing “safety is a core value” attitude.

From left, DOE Paducah Site Lead Reinhard Knerr, LATA Kentucky Project Manager Mark Duff, and Environment Safety and Health Manager Eddie Magness address LATA Kentucky Team employees and congratulate them on their accomplishment.

“Our team adheres to the concept that we will only achieve productivity through safety,” LATA Kentucky Project Manager Mark Duff said. “The million-hour milestone is significant for our project, particularly considering the hazardous nature of the activities conducted through that span of about of year associated with this achievement.”

“We preach safety-first, and we stand behind it,” said Donna Steele, President of United Steelworkers Local 550. “We start our monthly union meetings talking about it.”

LATA Kentucky Safety Manager Mike Briggs and Project Manager Mark Duff (right) hand out fleece jackets commemorating the milestone.

LATA Kentucky senior managers lead off weekly all-hands meetings with safety information and statistics. Messages flow into pre-job briefings and monthly site-wide safety meetings.

Duff said the milestone exemplifies Conduct of Operations, the disciplined way LATA employees work safely at the Paducah Site, as well as the Integrated Safety Management System/Environmental Management System. ISMS/EMS involves defining work scope, analyzing hazards, developing and implementing hazard controls, working within those controls, and providing feedback and continuous improvement.

LATA Kentucky Project Manager Mark Duff congratulates United Steelworkers Local 550 members for achieving a million hours without a lost workday case.

“Workers on this project care about each other and strive each day to keep the workplace free of accidents, injuries, and negative events,” said Eddie Magness, LATA Kentucky Environment, Safety and Health Manager.

LATA Kentucky began a five-year contract in 2010 for environmental remediation at the Paducah Site. Its teaming partners are parent firm Los Alamos Technical Associates, S.M. Stoller Corp., B&W Technical Services Group, Diversified Management Consultants LLC, Geosyntec Consultants, and MHF Services.

LATA Kentucky's ES&H Philosophy

The LATA Kentucky workforce made a commitment to preplan effectively and perform work safely. We are all responsible for following established safety policies and procedures while working on and off the Plant Site.

The LATA Kentucky Environment, Safety and Health (ES&H) team support the effort to protect our workforce and our environment. The ES&H team's goals are to prevent, eliminate, or mitigate negative events and consequences while maintaining safe, secure, and productive operations. Their philosophy is simple:

Our ES&H team works continuously with our workforce to improve the management of safety, security, quality, productivity, and cost of our Paducah remediation project.

It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to be aware of potential or actual hazards and to take whatever action may be required to protect our fellow workers and ourselves.

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