To develop positive site relationships:

LATA Kentucky will provide safe work for the employees, and will be protective of the public and environment. If a job cannot be done safely and securely, it will not be done.

The incumbent workforce is our strongest asset and a partner in successful project execution with the workforce. To actively utilize that partnership, we will openly share our planning and progress throughout the project.

We value a harmonious workplace and will actively solicit and promptly address employee concerns.

Our culture is founded on the complementary principles of (1) employee participation and (2) rigor and discipline in work execution. Workers will be involved in work planning, hazard analysis and control, and feedback and lessons learned, using methods we have successfully developed and perfected at other DOE sites.

We will use our expertise and experience to take performance to the next level at the Paducah site, while acknowledging that the site workforce brings the knowledge, know-how and in-depth understanding we need for success.

LATA Kentucky is committed to good corporate citizenship, and will be active in the community and with our stakeholders.

LATA Kentucky is committed to open and continuous communication as we have demonstrated at all our worksites.

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